If you’re like many people, you worry about
germs and how clean your toothbrushes are.

If you use a cup or open holder near your
bathroom sink, or keep your toothbrush stored
in a closed drawer, Toothbrush Hygiene Helper
(TBH) offers a much better storage solution!

Say "NO" to uncovered toothbrushes;
Say "YES" to coverage with TBH!

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Whether you live alone or with others,
consider what happens in the bathroom --
It’s not always hygienic or sanitary!

Toothbrush Hygiene Helper
is a significant improvement over existing
open containers and other toothbrush
storage units that are either too costly,
do not protect toothbrushes well or are
difficult to keep clean.
No Germs and No Gunk: The Toothbrush Hygiene Helper (TBH) storage container has a top cover, a spacious center section that holds 4 toothbrushes and
a removable spindle that makes it easier to keep clean.

Protects Toothbrushes: TBH has strategically-positioned slots at the top and base sections to provide adequate air circulation, helping toothbrushes dry well
and maintain freshness.

Prevents Mildew: With a top cover to prevent germs from piling onto toothbrushes, the TBH design also eliminates any concern about potential build-up of
mildew that could occur from water retention in an enclosed space.

Sturdy: TBH is made of FDA-approved plastic material. It is compact enough to stand on a bathroom counter or shelf, or can be supported with a TBH wall

User-Friendly: TBH comes assembled and is dishwasher safe. Busy people will especially appreciate how practical TBH is, since no batteries are required!

Other Possibilities:

  • The TBH container can be personalized with color-coded stickers if several people share a bathroom.

  • TBH makes a great gift for family, friends and co-workers.

  • TBH can be offered by companies as a promotional item/courtesy gift for staff or clients, with the company logo placed on the container. Discounts
    available on bulk orders!
Profit-sharing incentives!
Individual Sales Associates and
Organizational Vendors nationwide
-- diverse businesses and
non-profits, schools, churches,
community groups, etc.
can earn
30% from TBH product sales.
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Five TBH colors to match your bathroom decor -- Grey, Peach, Clear, Blue, Beige.
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